Live Music at The Brick Yard Oasis this August: 

Thursday & Friday shows are 6-9pm, Saturday shows are 3-7pm and 7-10pm

August 5th      Phil Norby

August 6th      Alyssia Dominguez

August 7th       Ghost Writer (3pm) & Evan Christian (7pm)

August 12th    Jay Matthes

August 13th    Will E. Ketchum

August 14th    William Darling (3pm) & Hold'Em High (7pm)

August 19th    Geoff Howard

August 20th    Jon Rouse

August 21st      Alex Wilson (3pm) & Zakk Daniel (7pm)

August 26th    Kris Crow and Dani Daly

August 27th    Sarah Day

August 28th    Marc Ballini (3pm) & Evan Christian (7pm)


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