Food Trucks at The Brick Yard Oasis this August: 

Thursday & Friday trucks start serving at 4pm, Saturday trucks start at 3pm

August 5th      Rose Mob Grill

August 6th      Falafel Guys & Taste

August 7th      Roll MKE & Pepper Pot 

August 12th    Rollin Smoke

August 13th    Mr. P's Grilled Cheese & Milk Can Hamburgers

August 14th    Tots on the Street & The Smokin C's BBQ

August 19th    Just Smokin BBQ

August 20th    That Taco Guy & Meat on the Street

August 21st     Karol's Kitchen & Flour Girl and Flame

August 26th    Denson's 

August 27th     Mr. P's Grilled Cheese & Anytime Arepa

August 28th    Tots on the Street & TBD

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