Food Trucks at The Brick Yard Oasis this July: 

Thursday & Friday trucks start serving at 4pm, Saturday trucks start at 3pm

July 1st       Meat on the Street

July 2nd      Cafe Corazon 

July 3rd      Yummy Bones

July 8th      Denson's Catering

July 9th      Milk Can Hamburgers & Anytime Arepa

July 10th    Clean Cruisine & TBD

July 15th    That Taco Guy

July 16th    Falafel Guys & Taste

July 17th    Rose Mob Grill & TBD

July 22nd   Flour Girl and Flame

July 23rd   The Smokin C's BBQ & Cafe Corazon

July 24th   Tots on the Street & Clean Cruisine

July 29th   Pig Tailz MKE

July 30th   Flour Girl and Flame & Mr. Greens

July 31st    Mr. P's Grilled Cheese & Pina Mexican Eats

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