Live Music at The Brick Yard Oasis this May: 

​​Thursday & Friday shows are 6-9pm, Saturday shows are 3-7pm and 7-10pm

May 6th      Xeno and Joe

May 7th       Kris Crow and Dani Daly

May 8th      Sawdust Symphony (4pm)

May 13th     Jay Matthes

May 14th     Phil Norby

May 15th     Alex Wilson (3pm) & West Riviera (7pm) 

May 20th     Geoff Howard

May 21st      Alyssia Dominguez 

May 22nd     Sarah Day (3pm) & Ian Gould (7pm)

May 27th     Myles Wangerin

May 28th     Jon Rouse 

May 29th     Alex Wilson (3pm) & William Darling (7pm) 

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